Help bring the Light into the darkness…

Due to the increasing number of Covid cases inside the unit and a vaccination rate <60% as well as input from the Chaplain, our Darrington Advisory Council has voted to postpone Kairos #65 until the spring of 2022, most likely April 28 - May 1. We know that Kairos #65 will occur in God’s perfect time.

Please continue to pray for the men inside as they face the challenges brought by the virus.

KAIROS #65 Weekend Postponed until Spring 2022!

God is assembling a team of servants to be led by Wade Brehm. The meeting dates are listed below with detailed information including Team Application available on Participate

The Closing Application can be downloaded at the bottom of Attend Closing

Team Formation Meetings for Kairos #65:

#1 & 2 Sat, Aug 21 8:00-3:30 (Houston NW Baptist Church)

The Other Team Meetings Have been Cancelled Due to Postponement of #65 until Spring 2022

#3 & 4 Sat, Sept 11 8:00-3:30 (Sugar Creek Baptist Church)

#5 & 6 Sat, Oct 2 8:00-3:30 (Cypress UMC)

#7 & 8 Sat, Oct 16 8:00-3:30 (Northside Baptist Church)

#9 Thurs, Oct 28 8:00-1:00 (Aldersgate UMC, 13217 FM 1764 Rd, Santa Fe, 77510)

K65 Weekend Postponed Until Spring 2022

Closing Ceremony May 1, 2022 3-5PM Darrington Chapel

Instructional Reunion Sat Darrington Unit

Please be in prayer about How Can I Help? on Darrington #65.