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TDCJ Training

Volunteers who enter TDCJ units to participate in Kairos or other programs must first complete volunteer orientation training. The TDCJ, not Kairos, provides this training.

To receive the 3-hour onsite training you need to show up at a TDCJ training site with your TX driver's license (it is suggested that you call the site ahead at the number listed but this is not usually necessary):

The most current list of training sites can be requested by phoning the TDCJ volunteer line at 936-437-3026; Currently online retraining only is available and is allowed regardless of your last retraining by visiting the TDCJ Volunteer website at the link on the bottom of this page.

You must wait until you are listed on the TDCJ computer database as an "approved volunteer" confirmed by the Darrington UAC Institutional Liaison as approved to enter the Darrington unit. When you are approved, your name can be submitted by the Liaison to the Darrington Chaplain so that you will be added to the “gatelist” for the event.

Note: All volunteers are required to do the following to remain a volunteer in good standing:

·        Enter a unit at least once in 2 years & have that visit recorded by the chaplain.

·        Be retrained at least once every 2 years. You can do online retraining once. The next time, you must go to a facility and be retrained on site..

You can alternate online and on site retraining as long as you remain a volunteer in good standing.

The official policy on training and retraining is at the TDCJ Volunteer website.